Bubble Bag: This bag has been created using waste fabric scraps. It has a casual and playful look. It is aimed to appeal to the young girls, who love casual wear, and who would dare to sport something funky and different.
String Sling: This is a regular bag, with a hint of feminine elegance attached. It has been designed for women of all age groups, who prefer subtle sophistication to bright contrasts.
Coin Pouch: This pouch has been created keeping in mind the working women and their inclination towards ethnic wear. There is a celebratory appeal to the bag, aspiring to draw women who are still attached to their roots.
The Smoky Winter : This pen stand has a wintery, masculine appeal, in a deep, earthy colour scheme. It is essentially designed with a view of the male inclination towards home furnishing products, in serious, earthy tones.
Corkscrew: This pen stand is a more playful, as well as innovative piece of home furnishing. Its minimalistic appeal truly reflects the concept of sustainable fashion. The colour scheme however, echoes both men’s as well as women’s acceptance for earthy tones.
Celebratory Swing: This is a hanging lampshade, in a bright colour scheme, suggesting celebration and festivity. It has an ethnic appeal, designed for both, men as well as women.
Global Issues in Design Research Project

Sustainable Fashion: The New Fashion