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View from Somerville Ave. - Exterior view of existing and new structure from Sommerville Ave.
Glazed area contains the main lobby and mezzanine level as well as a bar and gallery space for local artists.
Architectural Design 8 Presentation Board - presentation board for final review
Spring 2010
Hvac and Sprinkler system Schematic - initial 3D schematic design of the HVAC system as well as sprinkler system
HVAC schematic in structure - taking the initial HVAC and Sprinkler schematic design and inserting it into the structure to make sure all the duct work and piping is not interfering with any structure or aesthetic of the building.
Lighting Schematic - One potential experimental lighting scheme rendered in Revit
Structure in progress - the beginning of the 3D model including all of the structure
Site Plan - General Plan of union square with first floor placed on site
A1 - general basement layout with column grid
Section A - Section cut through the main theater which is contained entirely in the existing building as well as a small area of the main lobby
Section B - Section cut through the main theater within the existing building
Section C - Section cut through the new addition
Reflected Ceiling Plan - RCP with fixtures and HVAC supply and return vents
A11 - Plan shown as if it were seen in AutoCAD. I use various colors to help differentiate one aspect of a plan from another along with different line weights and dashes.

Previous plans also done in color but shown the way they would look as if printed black and white
A12 - Hvac Schematic first floor only
A13 - fire safety and a little bit of plumbing on the first floor
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Union Square Community Theater Renovation & Addition
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Amanda Prachanronarong
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