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Honda S.U.S (Sports Utility Sedan) - A utility vehicle targeted towards young male buyer. A compact S.U.S that has all the utility of a full size S.U.V and is capable of changing into a compact pick-up, due to cleverly designed folding rear glass, folding seats and removable trunk-lid.
Chrysler Furgon (CURRENTLY AT PETERSEN AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM) - A sports-wagon influenced by vintage shooting-brakes. The vehicle is a combination of a sports car and a family wagon to create the ultimate and extreme family. It is also a hardtop convertible. The 3 way sectioned roof design allows the top to completely fold and disappear into the cargo area.
Audi W18 Luxury Coupe - A niche market coupé to compete with Mercedes CL class. Design language inspiration from Frank O. Gerry, and main purpose is to get away from Audi clichés and known design elements and at the same time keep the Audi and German image.
Volvo 1800 | Samples of Published Work - It’s the rebirth of the legendary Volvo 1800. Main theme is to recreate the 1800s. One that would stand out from the rest of the line up just like its ancestor and keep the Volvo identity at the same time. Using the original design language and elements with totally new and modern forms to create the ultimate Volvo coupé.
Magna Carna - Sponsor: Magna Interior Systems. A hybrid vehicle targeted towards mobile businessmen and women. The interior has the ability to transform from a regular, recreational S.U.V. to an office on wheels. Seats travel on specially designed tracks for different arrangements.