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Wireless Headphones - [self generated project]

I originally started out trying to design a way to manufacture wireless in-ear phones, but found that current wireless technology, and its power requirements, were just not suitable for that size. Headphones seemed the next logical step, though current wireless headphones on the market are large, unweildy, and would generally not be worn in public.

Later on in development, I found that the power requirements of bluetooth technology limited me even more in terms of size and weight. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that using today's technology, that wireless headphones will remain in the domain of the household. My final concept tried to make the design as stylish as possible, with some success.
CAD Skills - The top two views and the lower view show my work on a vessel-stand for my solar cooker.

The central view shows the solar cooker itself. The solar cooker assembly folds in on itself, and is fully animated.
Solar Cooker - One of the sketches in my exploration to see how traditional plastic and metal components could be replaced by more crafted components made from local materials in Kenya and India.
A2-Level Project - Solar Cooker Unfolding [Solidworks]:
[Apple Quicktime Movie File, 4.3MB]

Primarily targeted at poorer families in the developing world, to replace the burning of combustible fuels for cooking. ABS/PC plastic and steel version of cooker sold in west to subsidise sales in Africa and India. All components are replacable by locally craftable materials, effectively making the lifecycle of the cooker infinte: as parts fail, they can be replaced by the user [For example, the rotomoulded ABS stand can be replaced by a hand-crafted terracotta pot].

The main design challenge to overcome was creating a parabolic solar cooker that was simple and intuitive to assemble and use, no matter what part of the world you are from. Folding mirrored panels created the parabaloid shape, and a series of snap-fit joints ensured a painless assembly, with no need for adhesives. The panels tesselate together once disassembled to form a very small flat-package, ideal for shipping to any part of the world. Moulded-in pictograms facilitate easy assembly. With the help of the Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) and careful materials selection, I have ensured that this solar cooker is sustainable economically, socially, and environmentally.
Aran Dasan
Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom