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The restoration project with elements of reconstruction of the former St. Catherine Girls' High School, now high school number 13. The object is located on Boulevard Square (Svobody Square). The object was built in 1893, designed by the city architect N.N. Durbaha. School should be maintained and restored, since it is a valuable architectural and closing link in the urban composition of the quarter.A full-scale survey carried out to determine the technical condition of the structural elements of the object is reported in the certificate of inspection, showing that the physical deterioration of the building was estimated at 50.2 %, whereas construction works make up only for 20-30 % of the total volume of construction and are reduced mainly to the replacement of the roof truss system, its coverage and partial redevelopment of the premises.

Ann Baldina_Dmitrieva
Architect_Designer Ростов-на-Дону, Russia