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Corporativo Ifahto 2.0

The passion for excellence IFHATO offers to their customers in each job achieved the expected results and we had the pleasure of making an extension of their offices that we called 2.0 just like it’s done in the software market. One of the main goals of the project was to maintain consistency with the original one keeping the same atmosphere to give continuity to the company’s personality.
Sober colors, like black and white, dominate the color palette. There is also a warm presence of different shades of gray that ad contrast with the selected furniture. The finishes for all the areas have color and texture harmony with the graphic elements that integrate the new areas with the older ones with the same coherence.
Innovation is one of the main priorities of the agency and what defines their lifestyle, to emphasize it light and flexible furniture, that adapts to the needs and dynamics of the tasks and involves the user in the creation of space that is in constant change.

ARCO Arquitectura...
Architect Mexico City, Mexico