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BMW Geneva Motor Show 2012.

At the Geneva International Motor Show 2012, BMW presented its new design icon, the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé, which demonstrates the pinnacle of BMW design competence with its extravagant vehicle design and perfect interplay of elegance, exclusivity and dynamism.Mutabor makes the vehicle’s charisma and appeal tangible with a spectacular show that radiates over the entire product range.
The highlight area is based on the idea of a flaming sun aureole as a central pulsating energy field of enormous radiance. A circular arc of light cuts through the classic BMW architecture. In the centre are the two BMW 6 Series Gran Coupés, which form the source of the luminous energy.
In the process, the media embellishments support the show with alternating light moods and pulsating animation. Attracted by the pulsating light, visitors are drawn into the highlight area.

3D Design/ Structural Design


Mutabor Design GmbH

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Hamid Dulovic
CEO/ Founder @ ARCZINE Hamburg, Germany