My intention was to design something simple and functional. Flexishelf has not only a simple form that leads to the basic idea of a system of shelves (very familiar to most of us) but also has a unique functionality based on the need for easier way of assembly. The key rule is to plug the steel bases and then adjust the shelves later manually.

Another key function is the die-cut letter, metal bookstop.Users can interact with the product and form to the final result, a result made by them for them.

The basic surface is made of plywood elements. The plywood elements are hanging from three steel nickel bars with the use of PVC coated metal wires.Every steel bar is plugged on the wall with the use of bolts. In every plywood shelf a metal book-stop with a die-cut symbol or letter in the middle, is joint in either side. With the die-cut book-stops users can choose letters and create their own message.

Aris Stathis
Project Leader at HQ Pack Utrecht, Netherlands