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My vehicle concept integrates with nature in the look of cricket but the most important, in the power of the motorcycle. The unseen air within and thanks to which the vehicle sways and glides. The fresh air is like a 'shinki' (mind of god), that fills the empty body with a natural and clean energy. The vehicle is dedicated to people who want to create a new balance and live in a harmony with the natural world. Traveling eg. to work, provides fresh air from clean areas of suburbs into polluted cities. The more vehicles powered by clean energy, the less polluted our cities are. That is an innovative transport which is fully integrated with nature.

"Cricket". Distinction. International design competition "Ito Jakuchu Inspired" Designboom + Japan Design Association. Exhibited in Tokyo Designers Week 2012

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Arkadiusz Szenfeld
product designer Myslenice, Poland