Examples of Brand Work for Fashion & Beauty Creatives
Re-Branded Color Palette, Logo, Icons, Wallpaper, Website Design, Social Media, and portfolio layout.
Custom Branded Mood Board New Color Palette & Aspirational Vibe
Creation of Beauty Opt-In for Website
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Custom Designed Branded Icons
What Sparkle's website looked like BEFORE the re-brand
How it comes together....
Client Testimonial
Re-Brand Custom Logo and Branding Elements, Video for Landing Page
Custom Designed Branded Wallpaper
What Drew's Website looked like BEFORE Re-Brand
Custom Designed Branded Elements
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Custom Built Branded Opti-ins for Gabby's Website
Custom Designed Branded Instagram Content
Career Journey & Experience
Re-Branding Projects

Re-branding for Fashion Creatives.

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Freelance, Full-time
Arlene Guerra
Fashion Creative Los Angeles, CA