I approached curling as a "posture sport", with classy gestures. So the shoe have a chic style and chic color, black and white. And as it is play on ice, a natural element, I chose natural color, light gum for the cupsole, and noble material like the wood for the heel stabilizer and the shank. All these choices are made to keep the simple and elegant soul of the curling, and not to switch to a futuristic design, but without compromising technnicity.
About technicity, to increase stability the shoe have a heel stabilizer and a shank made of wood, in a thin plate, curved around the heel for the stabilizer, to keep lightness. To increase the balance the shoe have in the cupsole a outrigger & a buckle strap. The clean design of the toecap, more than a chic style, allows to reduce the rubbing during slide. The upper & the tongue have microperforations coupled with a nanotec-like lining to keep warm the foot without sacrificing breathability.
The outsole is made of teflon. One feature is the circular hole, that is a common feature for curling shoe. It's allow to reduce the convex deformation of the outsole. So the outsole is flatter, it's enhance the length of the slide and its precision. I added to this circular hole a elliptical hole below the heel, for the same properties & to reduce the weight of the shoe. At last, “SLIDE OR DIE” is marked, to keep a touch of fun and to rock a bit the serious and the chic side of the project.
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Curling shoe

Arnaud Redon
Footwear Designer Nuremberg, Germany