From sketch to finish this is a completely original St. Patrick's Day illustration and design and one of my personal favorites.
Sharks have hundreds of teeth. Toddlers can become very shark like while teething. I always imagined a blend of the two while creating this design because of the way toddlers chew on everything and because sharks have one of the most powerful bites out of any animal in the world. I often put a lot of humor in my designs and this design is no exception.
I created this design during the 2015 NBA finals. I am a Cavs fan, and this design was inspired by Dellavedova, who I think put on a good show.
Apparel Designs

This category is full of designs created for various apparel from baby to adult. The designs were made for a print on demand company so they should not only be attractive but easy to incorporate into a personalized design.

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Amber Marshall
Graphic Designer & Photographer Wooster, OH