Personal Stationary System - I've found that designing an identity system for yourself is one of the hardest things to design because it is supposed to show your entire identity as a designer. I chose the blue because that is the same color as the water in the Bahamas, and I love the ocean. I wanted the logo to vaguely represent my initials.
Amber Marshall Graphic Designer - I created this logo to represent myself and my designs. I wanted it to vaguely represent my initials while making various shapes, so there is always something different to see.
Explore - Final Logo Design - This is the final, approved version of the Explore logo series. The only thing that changes about the logo is the town name below it. It will correspond with all of the paper's local editions. There are 7 different versions for the web product.
Explore Logo Concept - This is a logo concept for a marketplace website. The client asked for a magnifying glass and for the word explore to be more playful. The final logo is still in process.
Christman Dining Commons Logo Concepts - These are logo concepts for a dinning hall on the campus of Youngstown State University.
Animal Medical Center Logo - This is a logo for the Animal Medical Center. I wanted stray away from the typical paw print and dog and cat motifs and give it a more modern look.
Brown & Twyford Logo
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Amber Marshall
Graphic Designer & Photographer Wooster, OH