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Cooking Craze

Mobile f2p game
Genre: time management Platforms: iOS, Android

The main project of Matryoshka Games. My speciality in this project is balance and analytics.

It is a time management game with DAU > 1M players, so the good balance is very important for the best monetization.
My work on this game could be devided to 3 parts.
First I write the VBA script to make the work on balance automatizated as possible. At least one city with 3 new mechanics are released every month in this project. So autobalance script is a very priority task.
Second I look at different aspects of monetization and players' behaviour at every level. Then using this information I correct the balance.
And the third is to playtest the game every day to know exactly that the balance is really good and to know all of its balance problems.

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Arseny Braginsky
Game Designer Новосибирск, Russia