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Lost Artifacts Soul Stone: Collector's Edition

Genre: strategy, time management, PC casual
Platforms: PC / Mac, iOS, Android

It was my first huge project I was working on for half a year as the only one game designer of the game.
My work consisted of making the plot of a game, making the characters (their appearence, personality, special abilities and so on).
Then I worked on the logic and mechanics of every entity including characters, buildings, resources and enemies: their interactions, all the possible states and their animations).
Then there was a level design. There was 60 unique uneasy levels with different types of its crossing. And they should be different, intersenting and pretty-looking.
The biggest part of my work of this game was the balance. It is a time management game so it should be very quick, dynamic and difficult for all player's strategies.

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Arseny Braginsky
Game Designer Новосибирск, Russia