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Rug Tales

Genre: strategy, time management, PC casual
Platforms: PC / Mac, iOS, Android
Big Fish Top-3

The biggest project I made as the one game designer.
Unlike my previous projects this one has absolutely unique design with some really new mechanics in this genre. For example, I introduced the second scale of "danger" that has different behaviour in different levels that will force players think about every action.

In general work of this game consisted of making a new game world, making a story, a plot, and characters. In this game there are hundreds of entities each mechanic, state and animation I described. A lot of mechanics of entities are unique for the genre too.
Then I worked on the level design, balance and 2 parts of meta game: shop with upgrades and decorative meta game forcing players to explore the game.

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Arseny Braginsky
Game Designer Новосибирск, Russia