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Residential Building - One of the proposed residential buildings in Dubai.
Mall - Proposes Mall at UAE
30 - Office Building
Office Building - Done in 3D Studio Max
Indirect Illumination
Post production touches in Photoshop
at night
Office Tower - Design: stinghornet
Pen and Ink: stinghornet
Renderer: arshiel88
Palace - Photoshop Render
Duration: 8 Hours

Conceptual Design: by others

artwork - CD Cover
royal residence
Overview of my Works. - This is a collage of my works ranged from rendered freehand drawing to 3D rendered presentation.
ramil's tower
MLB Tipster box ad - Software box ad I made for my brother.
Lighting Study
BMW M3 - Rendered using 3d Studio Max
Mental Ray with Final Gather
ADfinity logo - ADfinity logo design entry submitted to Worth1000.com
Orson logo - entry on Orson logo design contest
hosted by Worth1000.com
Vacation House
Truth Over Faith - T-shirt Print
Cousin's Residence
Commercial Complex
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