Heineken House Mexico

The project for the Heineken bar and corporate offices of Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Heineken Mexico located in a big house in the Polanco area of Mexico City—catalogued as historic patrimony by INBA— was selected through a competition organized by the client. The main facade with classic ornaments remained untouched. The original partitions of the perimeter wall were partially covered with shade glass that gives privacy and shows a glimpse of the house architecture. A big copper marquee covered, with double glass in different shades of green and the logo, is on top a water mirror creating a reflecting and subtle brand presence at the entrance. The marquee also has on top a big green wall shaped as a bottle that is spilling foam all the way to the bottom. In order to have more room for the events, the parking area was covered with a curved shaped architectonic canvas creating an extra terrace. The paving was done with archeological stone that climbs up the walls and finishes in flower boxes.

Art Arquitectos
Architects Mexico City, Mexico