Quanta Services

The project for the corporate offices of Quant Services, done by ART Arquitectos /ART a & id LLC, is located at the Williams Tower in the Gallerie area in Houston, Texas. The corporate offices were divided in 4 different floors as the space needed for the companie was 9,000 sq m. On the 26 floor the reception and administrative services were located, on the 27 and 28 floors are operative and the 29 floor is for direction.

In the 4 levels the floors are used complete and the interior design includes the elevators area to create a full ambiance. The floor plan is a perfect square, the elevators and services are located on the center and the rest of the space has panoramic views of Houston. On the reception floor stands out a sculpture made of the raw material that characterizes the company that is integrated to the space by the design of the plafonds and the marble and granite corridors on the floors.

Art Arquitectos
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