The brief - The aim of the project is to design a micro kitchen for the Mark Wilkinson with the footprint of 1m x 1m for small apartments in city centres.
Persona - Meet Alan, one of the many from our target market (baby boomers). He spends most of his week running his business in London and only go home for the weekends.
Alan and his kitchen - Here is how Alan interact with his kitchen during the day.
Research summary - The summary of our research from spending time with our target market in their own kitchens and observing how they use it.
Further reserach - Above shows the traditional kitchen's work flow triangle. For the micro kitchen the triangle is reverse. And the user walk around the kitchen to go to different areas.
Step 1: Workspace - Above shows the work space's features. And to counter baby boomers having trouble bending down and their back problems, a kick drawer is install to save them doing the hard work.
Step 2: Cooking - The Siemens Liftmatic oven is chosen because no lifting is require from the user to use the oven. And the hobs are hidden away when not used.
Step 3: Washing up - Once finish with eating wash up on the other side of the kitchen, drying rack and rails provides storage.
Hands free device - A bluetooth hands free device will be integrated into the kitchen allow the user to talk on their phones while using the kitchen.
Quooker boiling water tap - Instead of having a cattle which takes up space, the Quooker tap is installed to provide instant hot water.
Materials - The following materials will be used in the kitchen. This is because the marble and steel are good functional kitchen materials. The woods will give the quality and feel that every Mark Wilkinson kitchens have.
The Micro Kitchen
The Micro Kitchen
The Micro Kitchen
The end
Mark Wilkinson Micro Kitchen
Mark Wilkinson Micro Kitchen

In this design brief given by Mark Wilkinson Kitchens the aim was to design a micro kitchen unit that would fit into a studio flat. My responsibilities within the group were the following: persona building, research with stakeholders, building the CAD model of the final kitchen design and render the CAD model. Our design was one of the three finalists chosen by Mark Wilkinson for an award.

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Arthur Chan
PhD researcher/ Designer Loughborough, United Kingdom