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art is technology
design chaos - a crossover work with hateone
kepala serabot - a tshirt design
brothers - doodles
84! - tshirt design / poster design
ideas? ask me... - a wallpaper design
touche cover design - a cover design for our collective project "Touche : doodles mini magazine"
pipit international independent magazine cover design
designers anatomy poster design
designers anatomy black edition - a poster design, A3. Comes in a package with tshirts.
designers anatomy packaging design
gaston caba x art:tech
fashion & youth : submission for IF magazine
84cube montage poster design
tran8fourmation : a tribute to transformers
nike presto 01 : experimental character crossover
nike presto 02 : experimental character crossover
the 84 cd cover - cd cover design for a band called The84!
make a move - event branding/designs : bunting, poster, identification tag, tshirt, invitation card, desktop design
collective poster
I dreamt of paper and pen
cube kingdom : collaboration with sly
Manic Creative magazine cover art
perfect couple
horizontally kicked, vertically falling
For Better Endings gig flyer
Gegey Fest poster
lets play
Murder On The Dance Floor gig poster
Killing Me Inside gig poster
STGCC - sticker
future vs fate - pen on paper + photoshop.
Art : Tech
art:tech kuala lumpur, Malaysia