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bad breath - personal illustration
baju melayu - hand-draw on baju melayu (a malay traditional cloth)
comic 1
comic 2
itu dia!
my leg fractured, yes.
pipit X art:tech 01
pipit X art:tech 02
pipit X art:tech 03
and they lived happily ever after...
acrylic on paintball mask
acrylic on paintball mask
marker on hand
lets play!
dah siap!
kepala serabot (original drawing)
illustration for Couple's japan release album cover
makan budak!
'i dreamt of paper and pen' original drawing
this, might not happen again.
pen on paper, A4
good job! - pen on paper, A4
untitled - pen on paper, A4
im supa rockin - pen on paper, A4
cubehead is back! - pen on paper, A4
potrait 01 - pen on paper, A4
horizontally kicked, vertically falling
marker on hand
marker on hand
marker on hand
ambush - pen on paper
41.5cm x 59cm
Art : Tech
art:tech kuala lumpur, Malaysia