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Graphic Facilitation Scroll - Final artwork

This large-scale printed scroll is used as the main facilitation tool during week-long structural change analysis working sessions.
Graphic Facilitation Agenda Tool - this piece was used to set ground rules, document a focused agenda, and establish boundaries for each participating group.
Graphic Facilitation Scroll - Current and Future State Section

This is the final portion of the graphic facilitation scroll where the current state, the ideal future state, and the reasonable future state are identified. This section is typically completed first, as a means to identify and set goals for the working session.
Graphic Facilitation Scroll - Strategy Supported by Structure Section

Concrete recommendations in three categories were posted in this section of the scroll.
Graphic Facilitation Scroll - Recommendations Section

This section allowed participants room to stick post-it notes with tidbits of information correlated to the success of dealing with change in each predetermined category.
Graphic Facilitation Scroll - Identifying the Blockers

This scroll is used most often in workshops as a versatile tool to help people understand where they are today, where the want to be, and what is blocking them from getting to that point. This type of scroll leads participants down the road of identifying action items to overcoming the gap currently separating them from their desired future state.
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Graphic Facilitation Scrolls

Our project team was faced with a process improvement consulting gig in which we aimed to engage participants from the minute they walked in the room. We wanted to ensure a dynamic and interactive participatory session, with each individual having the ability to see the end-goal and step-by-step process simultaneously. Creating these large-scale wall scrolls was one of the most
unique design experiences I have had. Working side-by-side with senior consultants to craft a design that would serve as the primary facilitation tool during
brainstorming sessions for a group of engineers forced us to think even more strategically in terms of layout, content, and technique. The rollout of these
scrolls was such a success during our initial client meeting that we since have integrated them as a standard facilitation tool for use in every planning meeting we conduct.

I served as the Graphic Designer during this project, taking part in the entire process from conceptualization to completion.

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