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Sales Development Program Roadmap

This visual highlights key points of delivery and instruction throughout a 13-month period, highlighting the key learnings and modules to be introduced at each point.
Sales Development Program Brochure - Front cover
Sales Development Program Brochure - First tri-fold brochure page, opening to the right
Sales Development Program Brochure - Inside Spread
Sales Development Program Brochure - Back Cover
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Sales Development Program Roadmap and Brochure

At the request of our client, a detailed
overview of the services we would be providing during our 13-month long sales
development program was crafted. I began by creating a brand-adhering timeline intended for digital distribution. The client then requested a printed visual of the timeline with more detail, so we created a tri-fold brochure intended for printed distribution to all program participants.

My role in this project was: visual and graphic designer.

Freelance, Full-time
Allison Romanillos...
Graphic Designer Charleston, SC