Atlantic Trance
Ark Of Bones - Personal Illustration based off of a short story written by Henry Dumas.
Universal Psalm - Personal Illustration dealing with aspects of ancentral past,present and future.
Crossroad - Personal Illustration based of a short story by Henry Dumas.
Play on Players
Unbroken circle
My Garden
B5's Baller - Illustration used for Black Fives Catalog.
Garrett Morgan - Inventor of the Gas Mask and Traffic Light.
M.U.W.A.T. - My Uzi Weighs A Ton. Entered in a show in Atlanta. Theme had to do with americas fascination with guns.
Aunt Jean and Seanna
Illustration Depicting The Ending of an Era with Reagan and Reaganomics. Millions Spent. Economy Incinerating from both ends. Oil on Masonite
Freelance, Full-time
Michael Hobbs
Senior footwear designer/Illustrator New York, NY