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I wanted to put RCN-09 on an extreme weather condition environment
I wanted to put RCN-09 on an extreme weather condition environment
RCN-09 Parked on the camp at the unexplored South pole
Mech Sketches on tonal paper
Bone Structure concept sketches on tonal paper
WW2 Naboo Fighter concept
Phase 2.0 Final Image
lots of people told me the couldn't imagine how big this thing was, so I uploaded a human scale, so you can actually see the size. About the driving, its all by a big screen with night vision in the interior... that is why you don't need any lights at the front.
A Futuristic bike with guns for BlackMagic Wolf Productions. thanks for the opportunity guys!
Remember the Crazy Mech Night, Well this is how the thumbnails ended
I got inspired by a salmon on a waterfall so I did this vehicle Fishlike, charging on energy produced by the waterfall
The combination of Wild West and an Alien train spare parts is what Black Magic Wolf Productions asked for this job, I'd like to thank them for this amazing opportunity!
Concept Design/ Concept Art

Where the Craziness begins!
I always like to think of how the future of transportation could be , by offering new and innovative solutions I like to illustrate new worlds and future scenarios where the vehicles are the main atraction.

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Arturo Ariño
Freelance Transportation Designer & Product Designer Barcelona, Spain