DRose 4.0

Derrick Rose is one if not the quickest player in the NBA. A lot is said about the humility of this young star and the contradicting flair in his game. His fans love him for the kind of blue-collar crew he leads and the way he leads, by example. The kind of player your mom would love to see you idolize. The youngest MVP. All was in the up and up for Derrick until the injury plagued ’11-’12 NBA season. His rise as a top-tier NBA superstar came to a crashing (and depressing) halt during the 1st round of the Playoffs. A freak injury that can only happen to a player with a high-level of tenacity and burning passion to win. His mind’s will power proved greater than his body can handle. Today, “Poohdini” is in the road to recovery as we, the fans, wait in anxiousness for THE RETURN. Everybody is wondering if he’ll be the same player he was before. If he can carry Chicago past Miami in the East.

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Archie Tolentino
Arturo Tolentino Jr. Quezon CIty, Philippines