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EF, Monolithic Faucet

I create a Monolithic Faucet concept for a premium bath company. The concept has to be developed in just three days.

User Brief: 25-45 years, Medium -High socioeconomic status. Single or with a small Family.

The design process start identifying some of the interest of the user. What do they want, what are they interest, where this product will be placed. What kind of experience this user normally has with common faucet designs?

I made research in similar products to explore the dimensions of the monolithic faucets.

The concept was to create something really simple, I felt inspire by the simplicity of water and sand, how elegant and simple water and sand shapes can be formed. I also want to create an experience during use. Also was create the option of shelve to be placed next to the faucet. It follows the same design line of the product and will be really helpful to include bath accessories or personalize the space.

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Alfredo Ruiz
Industrial Design & Research Cincinnati, OH