Adina (Virtual Make up)

Virtual makeup products using image processing technology and augmented reality. Before any actual makeup which is on the front of the ADINA, you can simulate the model makeup on your face and then proceeded to make you see. Along with changing images and motion images make for a very good and fast run-time processing is possible. Other unique features make the device perfect for lips, lip liner, eye shadow and brow as a whole and in details.
When the device is started ADINA software, image processing and camera components detected by the user. There is a menu for use of face makeup with just a touch of the user's choice of tools with different colors can be selected. Then, by techniques of augmented reality applied on images. A scroll bar to adjust the intensity of the color is also available to be used in color on the face. The user can capture the image makeup, and then manage and edit them share the images.
Members: Sobhan Shahbazi, Reza Ghanadan

Mostafa Arvand
Iranian Industrial/Product designer Tehran, Iran