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istta (taxi design for Istanbul)

istta is a vehicle designed to be used as a taxi. it has a unique design and identical aesthetical appearance and it is featured with "design for all" approach regarding the real expectations and needs of the people living in Istanbul especially the restricted mobility ones.
istta provides comfortable and safe journey opportunity for 6 passengers at the same time, including 1 passenger with wheel
chair and 1 child. The engine compartment design of the vehicle is convenient for different engine technologies like diesel and electic engine.
While creating the passenger access and egress scenarios of the vehicle, parents with strollers and handicapped passengers are also regarded. So that two sliding doors and ramp system are designed. The wider door would be the most used one while the narrower one would only be used for priority situations. The vehicle doors, wheel chair fixing mechanism and the child seat specially designed for this vehicle were patented (2011).

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Arzu Hüsniye Toker...
industrial designer İzmit, Turkey