Banana Peel Chair

The belief that God created the universe always follows the inevitable question –Who created GOD? I found my answer while browsing through Wikipedia which describes the concept of creation with the Latin word ‘Ex Nihilo’ which means ‘out of nothing’.
I believe that a design is one such concept which arises out of nothing. Just a flash of thought and Lo! a creation is born out of nothing. One such morning while chatting with a friend i noticed how very passionately he peeled a banana skin into four layers one by one exposing the creamy fruit and then lovingly gobbled it bite by bite while conversing with me. That’s it! I realised that I had gone into a trance where i felt every move of the peeling process first dissipate, then barge into my brain cells and unravel an image. I abruptly left for my office and hurriedly penned down whatever i had visualised in the flash of that moment. What culminated was another form of design inspired from one of God’s biggest design –Nature!

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