Lava Table

Lava Table-2012
What will happen if the global warming is unstoppable and the temperature keeps on rising? That was the thought running in my mind when i saw the ground cracked due to excessive heat.
Suddenly this idea of having a piece of furniture with these beautiful cracks struck my mind and without wasting any time I tried to put the design on paper. The cracks would not be complete unless i can let some Lava flow through; this was getting more interesting as the red colour lava would definitely bring interest in the otherwise barren dried land which i was trying to depict in the piece of furniture. Also the idea of having LAVA introduced some electrical & mechanicals into the design.
The LED lights were giving a very good effect of the flames with very little consumption of electricity.
The design of the table is simple & contemporary with straight lines forming the block. Ebony veneer is used with beautiful black grains to complement the simple lines of the design.