I used a laser cutter to cut out the skeletal structure
It took a heat gun and lots of hot glue to shape and connect the EVA foam segments of his tail and body
I cut off the excess foam with an Exacto knife, and sanded down the foam with a belt sander a Dremel.
After 4 hours of scultping, I think I did a decent job. The background picture was my inspiration for Rygel, based from the American Magee's Alice in Wonderland.
Here, he is all sealed from Mod-podge along with being primed and sanded multiple times.
Another funny but practical thing is that his hands are simply Mr. Potato Head hands.
Funny enough, his fez is made from a dixie cup and felt.
I used an air brush for most of his body, but I hand painted all of his spots.
Escape room: caterpillar

The last part of the Alice room was a animatronic caterpillar to be used as part of one of the puzzles. "Rygel," as I called him, was made on a smaller budget than the mushrooms, and therefore made using cheaper materials, i.e. EVA foam, Mod-Podge, and sculpting clay.

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