I dimensioned out the specs of the axe using images from the game. Then free hand drew the shape onto 1/8" plywood
Cut out the blade of the axe using a ban saw
After sanding the edges, I used EVA foam and a hot knife to layer the axe. This was to give the axe shape and strength, while keeping it lightweight. In past projects, I had used pink insulation foam to keep the props lightweight, but they were more easily damaged.
Closer detail of the layered axe, I used a hot glue gun and spray mount to adhere the foam to the plywood.
I sanded the edges of the foam using a belt sander, then a detail sander to finish it
I took a PVC pipe and cut it part way down the middle, then screwed it to the middle of the axe blade
I created the center structure of the axe in two pieces, then hot glued them around the haft.
The original center piece was too long, so I had to trim it down using the hot knife
I created a plywood frame using plywood and wood gluing the pieces together.
I filled in the spike using scrap EVA foam, layering it.
After layering, I sanded the spike all around, removing all the excess foam.
I attached the spike to the axe with hot glue.
I hand cut the flame details wiith a thin craft foam, and glued them to the faces of the blade. After the pieces were put together, I resined the entire blade to give it a rigidity that would prevent any accidental damage.
Extensive use of Bondo to strengthen and smooth out the blade edges.
I bought a metal pipe cap to counterweight the axe, then used epoxy to glue it to the handle. Afterwards, I used epoxy sculpt to create the shape of the pommel, giving it a hammered look.
Filler primed the whole blade and the pommel
I used two different paints and painters tape to differentiate the blade edges from the rest of the blade.
Hand painted the flame details with black acrylic paint.
Bought fake leather ribbon and glued it to the shaft of the axe.
Finished prop axe. Who should I decapitate first?
Prop Axe

Prototyped an axe for a costume design

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