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AMOR logo - Ane mane in kannada means elephant house , The owners farm is called elephant house farm due to the frequent visits from elephants. Hence the elephant is represented in the logo . The visual here is inspired from an ancient sculpture where a cow and an elephant have been merged togeather. This is ideal for a logo because u have both the elephant (name of the farm) As well as the cow which is both sacred as well as a vital part of organic farming
stionary set for AMOR - This was the Stationary set Created for Ane mane organics
Forest Floor - Forest floor is a product from AMOR that is based on making eco friendly biodynamic compost for the logo a tonal variation of a skeliton leaves was done to symbolise the natural order of things where things full of life(dark ) wither and break down(light) This also represents the life-cyle of a leaf that becomes compost at the end sustaining new life.
Forest floor mock product - This is a mock up of the compost bag and how the label ineracts with the packaged product.
Verdure is a premium organic manure being produced by anemene organics it is made from cow manure hence the concept behind this is plants grow because of the cow..... the negative space in the center is a cows head and the rest of it is a plant. The colors are rich and have been chosen to depict the richness of the product.
Verdure packets. - This is a mockup of the Verdure bags and how it is going to look when produced.
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Ane mane organics

Ane mane organics is a Organic food and Organic product company believing in a philosophy of Biodynamic cultivation philosophy.The brief was to create a unquely Indian Brand that symbolises and represents India. So all of my inspiration for this comes from nature and Indian motifs. The colours chosen are earthy and have come from nature as well as from traditional Indian dyes.

Ashaya Mahabaleshwara
product designer Bangalore, India