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Couples chair

This is a Couples chair . Where due to the lacck of an armrest the person can sit on the others lap or if there is a mirror immage of the chair then when put to geather the couple can sit togeather freely without having the armrest in between. the chair was selected due to the simplicity of the idea as well as due to the joinery involved. Below is an immage of the carving done on the chair . The holes are drilled inorder to make way for the insertion of cane (Cane was used here as a substitue for lantana due to the fact that lantana wasnt available ). So the chair was prtotyped in the workshop nails were used to combine cane with cane and cane to wood only mortis and tenon joints were used.For the finishing it was sanded then linseed oil was used to to preserve the chair as well as add to the aesthetics of the chair.

Ashaya Mahabaleshwara
product designer Bangalore, India