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concept - This is a concept for a unisex hair dryer its rendered using markers.
fitting - This shows how the form is integrated into a single body the black part houses the motor and the heating filament. The blue part houses the electrical controls.This has been rendered using markers.
final model - This model is made from high density Polystyrene . The blue color is feminine and the black is more masculine . The silver is the color that goes with both blue and black it ads a sharp element to the product and adds to the appeal of the form.
Axe women - This form was created as a bottle for axe women . The form is derived from the woman's body curve . The color is black maintaining the standard color its metallic to catch the eye of the consumer.The form is made from wood.
axe passion with graphics
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form study

Form is a designers expression of aesthetics and understanding 3d visually there are purely form based exercises done here .

Ashaya Mahabaleshwara
product designer Bangalore, India