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Tribal face
Inner peace
angel needing hope - This carving shows a sunken angel needing redemption.
day of the dead skull - Day of the dead is a Mexican festival celebrating the dead instead of mourning . This carving was done to show a flying skull the roses show the celebration.
mother nature - This is my interpretation of Gaya ( mother nature ) and what she would look like.
Tribal scorpion - This is a tribal scorpion . This block was used for printing on a calendar.
haanya carving - This is my interpretation on a Japanese myth whose moral is Jealousy is the mother of all evil.
contemplating devil - This is my vision of what a serious devil might look like.
Tribal spider - This spider is illustrated and carved in the Tribal tattoo style this block was again used in printing a calendar.
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lino carving

Carving on rubber for print making is an old technique, still widely used by artists. I have been thoroughly fascinated by this simple yet elegant process but the part i enjoy the most is carving on the rubber with basic tools and see the transformation, I get to see from a sketch to a finished carved piece.

Ashaya Mahabaleshwara
product designer Bangalore, India