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face - The human face is something very intriguing it is challenging to carve the face in a three dimensional form so I took it up as a challenge and tried carving a head in wood.
ear ring designs - This is a ear ring set inspired from native Polynesian Body art design .The earrings are made from red Paduk and copper is used as as complimentary metal.
puppet head - This was craved on guava tree wood and was done originally as a toy head of a puppet.
first rain - This wood block was carved to bring out the feel of the first rain this image came to mind when i saw a puddle and water dripping into it creating patterns.
tribal mask
early exposure
balance of nature - As we all know humanity is destroying nature . this sculpture depicts that we come from the seed (nature ) and the hand holding the leaf shows that it is in our hands to maintain balance and become guardians and not destroyers of nature.
The burdened man - the expression is we all carry the sins we commit the human being here depicts all the burdens we as people carry in our life.
mayan jade - The Mayans originally inhabited north America and they carved on jade . Their work inspired me to create the graphic. The green fiberglass block gives the jade feel .
eroded face - This was done visualizing sculptures that have eroded and lost out on the finer details of the face . The beard is made with a single fine tipped chisel.
hand gun - This gun is again made from stone the barrels are made from metal. Black soot and wax have been used to give it a darker finish.
cross - The cross has been carved in stone the purpose of this project in stone was to create different textures and feels . The chisels that have made the textures are custom designed.
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wood and stone carving

Sculpture is an art that has fascinated me since childhood I have fallen in love with the expressions and uniqueness of the materials . Wood and stone continue to fascinate me they still remain as a strong source of inspiration for my design as well as my sculptures.

Ashaya Mahabaleshwara
product designer Bangalore, India