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The was a snapshot of a "showcase" that was created for LG products. Clicking on each individual square would take you to a landing page for the product.
This is a snapshot of a "Active Content Page" for Roku. There was a layout template for each photo and paragraph of text.
This is an example of a different type of "Active Content Page" layout for a Canon camcorder.
This was a flyer created in Adobe Acrobat using some photos and text supplied by a real estate agent.
A clean, simple business card created for a CPA.
A business card created for a friend's restaurant. The logo and the text was provided.
A logo that was created from scratch for a record company.
A snapshot of a banner created for a supply company to be used on their website and flyers.
Displaying a wonderful Pantone color using several different transparencies.
A typographical display of my initials. :)
This is a design that I created for the Panera Gift Card Contest.
This is a poster that was created for a small budget local movie. The two logos at the bottom were provided. The rest was created from ideas and suggestions that the director of the movie gave me.
Several examples of the same logo using different colors and shapes for each one of the tree to the left of the text.
A landing page for the golf club that is using one of the above logos.
A snapshot of a simple straight-forward landing page.
A snapshot of a landing page. The logo and the text were provided.
A flower enjoying a rainy day.
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This portfolio showcases the type of work that I am most interested in.

Freelance, Full-time
Alisha Smith
Skilled designer with high attention to detail and a passion... Oakland, CA