Table Top Organizer - Le Euphorie mail organizer helps keep mail in one place and in order. Magnetic tabs hold the modular units together. -Designed for desk or tabletop use. -8 in. deep by 6 in. tall by 10 in. wide
Bud Vases - Le Euphorie Bud Vases may be combined to create an easy centerpiece or separated to bring fresh flowers throughout the home. -Each vase is 4 in. tall by 2.5 in. deep by 1.5 in. wide -The material choices continue the theme of the product line
Bent metal table and Chair set - Bent metal table and chair set is a smart solution to city living. The chair is formed from a single sheet of sleek metal and is topped off with a machine-washable wool cushion that is attached with magnets. A roll cushion acts as a back support. A coffee table with wooden base completes the set. When combined together, the pieces become a full-sized dining table. -The chair is 30 in. deep, 31in. tall, and 27 in. wide, the height of a standard desk- tabletop is 40 in. in diameter.
Euforia Internship
Amber Richardson
Industrial Designer Chicago, IL