Squeegee ITEM #: 18340101.04 •Easy-grip handle •Suction hook included •6.5 IN 7.75 IN 1.5 IN •Available Color: White/Blue
Buy me at TARGET - Over-The-Door Hook (Double Tip) ITEM #: 18160101.06 www.homzproducts.com Durable Polypropylene plastic Double tip hook design with non-slip grip Additional grip protects door surface and holds hook in place 8.1 IN 3.9 IN 2.9 IN Available Colors: Cool White/Blue
Double Doulie Hook
Double Doulie Hook Concept - Very Quick sketch
Valet Hook CO-Mold
Co-Mold Line Shave Center - Shave center ITEM #: 19240101.04 •Accommodates up to 4 different size razor handles •Convenient mirror •2 suction cups for secure hold •5.75 IN 2.6 IN 3.25 IN
Trash Can- helps promote the re-use of grocery bags
Toilet Brush Sketch
TB Sketch
TB Sketch
Toilet Brush Concepts
Designer Series Hook Rack - Abstract Collection 3-Hook Rack ITEM #: 32300215.06 www.homzproducts.com Designer gunmetal finish hooks. Ebony lacquer hardwood backboards Wall mount design includes mounting hardware 14" long 2 IN 3 IN 14 3/8 IN Available Colors: Ebony
Kidz Melamine Hanger in Production
Melamine Hanger in Production
add in concept
Add on concept
add in concept
scrap book paper holder
work surface in storage
Auto CAD
HPI Junior Designer
Amber Richardson
Industrial Designer Chicago, IL