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the livingroom is on the north, so it has little natural light therefore it has brown colours, because warm colours are good in obtaing natural light during the day. The celing has glass cilinders of 5cm because it's the link between the rooms. The ceiling is bright inand reflective to brghten up the space.
The upper flor has the folowing:colours, depending on the cardinal points:. east on the first bedroom so it will have yellow colours, as in the images. The east bedroom will be the same. The south bedroom will be the will have fewer lights and the ''orange' colour will be lighter, as the room has a lot of natural light. The ouest,t, and final bedroom has the same colours as the one in the west one. The coloursi on the ground floor will be as in the first picture. The colours in the ground floor will be the same as in the first floor, because you need brighter colours in the North.

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architects Bucharest, Romania