Consumer Manifesto - 40"x30" poster done as a design capstone project. The subject matter targeted American consumer culture with a style inspired by Soviet communist propaganda. The intention was to draw parallels between the two eras/movements, which are widely perceived as being opposite in nature and intention, though the implications and consequences of each are comparable.
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Chicago Public Library Poster - 2010 - Semi-finalist entry in contest for Chicago Public Library promotional poster.
Chicago Public Library Poster - 2009 - Contest entry for promotional poster for the Chicago Public Library and website, highlighting books, music, and media.
Ravinia Festival poster - Entry for the Ravinia Festival's annual poster design contest. Ravinia is an annual summer-long festival that hosts a variety of musical acts, with a heavy focus on classical. The client wished to portray the experience of picnicking with music under the stars. The image was created with chalk pastels, which felt suitable for conveying the energy and fluidity of the music visually. It also gave me the opportunity to use a more fine art approach in a predominantly digital medium.
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Rooney tour poster - Contest entry for Rooney tour poster design.
OBVIATE Poster Ad - Poster advertisement for OBVIATE health care products.
Allison Tenn
Graphic Designer, Photographer at U.S. Cellular Chicago, IL