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Some work in progress shots of "Moving In"
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"Moving In" is a diorama depicting my memories of moving to a shared house with my friends.

Why did I choose this memory? First and obvious, it occured during fall season, some years ago.

But it was brought to my mind mostly due the relation of this particular season with the Vendemnia topic.

It is a task in which a community works together, harvesting the fruits of summer and getting ready for the winter.

In this case, the fruit summer gave me was a job that allowed me to move in with my friends. The entrance into the house works as a symbolism of preparing for winter. You can see some more references to the grape harvest in the vineyard motifs of the house's grates.
Community work with those people that one loves is the cornerstone of vendemnia, and of this friendship memory.

Alejandro Gilligan
Industrial Designer Buenos Aires, Argentina