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3D model gladiator

Maximus is an 8 feet tall, year 3000 gladiator made entirely of foam core, paper products, tape, and glue. This group project pushed the limits how we could manipulate the limited materials to create a manned fighting suit. Standing on 13” stilts.

We used black foam boards to create hallow shells so the armour would stay light. The arms have a cardboard tubing interior frame which provides rigidity to them. The arms, which was one of my major contributions to the project, are able to mirror the movement of the occupants arms by a simple 4-point pivot system. This allows for agility of the pilot and fluid movements displayed through the robot’s actions.

Because the theme of this project was futuristic gladiator robots, we tried to design Maximus with elements of historical gladiator and roman motifs. For example, the head has the plume and visor found on roman helmets.

Andre Thelwell
Junior at Savannah College of Art and Design Savannah, GA