Character for a mod based on TF2 - character, design, tf2, game
character classes for a multiplayer mod. Dark vs Light - game, design, character, classes, scifi
Mobile Turret-concept - game, design, vehicule, scifi, turret
Underwater exploration - speedpainting
B&W poster for a local D'n'B party - poster, b&w, dnb, jesus
Its Lord Vader himself - Its everyone's favorite villain: Lord Vader himself Some of my older works... I feel retro tonight so I posted it ;) > Please view the picture in hires...lores doesnt do it good.
STAR WARS Fan-art - star wars, fanart, digital painting
ENTRAPMENT HL fan-art - Half-Life 2 Fan art
LONDON CALLING - Concept Art for a zombie-Novel / Game modification
Cave speedpainting - an exercise in digital painting
Banzaï! - A doodel/free sketch that evolved in Some Photoshop bashing ;)
Space Monkey - Some streetart I did for an exposition some years ago. "We are still animals despite our technology and knowledge." Banksy and Kubrick inspired ;)