dotpot - The DotPot is a 3-in-1 product. Its a regular pee-pot but also a toilet-trainer and a stool. For children age 1-5. I hope to upload some pictures soon of the production model...(Still waiting for my son to start potty training :)
Modular lighting concept - The Nude is a modular lighting concept that allows the client to change and customize his pendant light to his needs/demands. The nude can function as a basic pendular light. Different light bulbs and other add-ons (reflectors/deflectors/aesthetic elements) can be incorporated in this concept. The Nude is not just one pendular lamp. It can be as many different types as you want to.
Traffic camera
Bus stop shelter for the city of Kortrijk (BEL) - published in Addicted to Kortrijk
PowerClimber - A electrical driven hinge for a window-cleaning platform .
Heavy duty computer
Modular tombstone - tombstone, modular
DETROIT Concept - A single pair of glasses supports a duality in function: in one position transparent; shaded when turned up-side down. Design for OPUS-award
R3tro peugeot - My asignment for the 2nd peugeot design-contest.
CX principal
CX - My Final project for BMW Belgium. This is the C1 for the year 2030. It has all(most) the advantages of the C1 but none of the disadvantages. In the city the vehicule is compact with a small wheelbase. (cfr picture) When the speed increases the vehicule becomes longer, more stable and aerodynamic. The rendering shows the vehicule in the speed mode.
droodels for the medical control-device
Industrial Design