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Suspension Shelter - A camping hammock/tent that hangs from one tree.
Lil Rhody Native Farm-to-School Kit - The Lil' Rhody Native program is aimed at 4th and 5th graders throughout RI. The kit is received once every season. It filled with a selection of local agricultural products, information about the farms where the food comes from, and recipes on how to cook it with your family. Each kit contains a poster with fun information about ecological systems and what foods are growing locally. Each seasonal poster connects with the next and the colorful box can be turned into a small window garden.
(not quite) Random Acts of Agriculture - or - The Guerilla Gardeners Cookbook - There is a growing natural deficit in our lives. Vacant lots, empty flowerbeds, and chemically treated lawns have become everyday encounters. This “cookbook” teaches frustrated urbanites and would be guerilla gardeners fun and inexpensive basics to remediating and vegetating otherwise unused parcels of land. The intent is begin to reconnect people with natural systems, incite discussion, and increase urban biodiversity.
your community* ROOTS PROJECT - This project is as an exportable framework that aids communities in building a system to educate & empower female participants in the SNAPS program - who have little or no access to expensive fresh food. It offers tips on developing community partnerships, ideas for outreach, & creative funding strategies. It gives communities freedom to adjust the model to fit their unique needs. It is designed to offer participants the opportunity to learn agricultural as well as entrepreneurial skills.
your community* ROOTS PROJECT - This diagram brings a the your community* ROOTS PROJECT concept down to a human scale. Zoom in to follow "Tina & Family" as they progress through the model.
The Pendant Petal Lamp - On or off, the warm texture of this sculptural lamp brings a unique aesthetic to any space. The handmade pendant lamp was constructed by laminating ultra-thin layers of Spanish cedar veneer around curved forms then shaping the edges into delicate, floral-like patterns.
Timberland Glove Lines
SLT50C: Sonic Laser Tape
Wine & Dine / Party Plates
The Spine - ‘The Spine’ was created through a progression developing forms and lamination techniques to simply see what materialized - focusing on ‘making first, designing later’. The more I forms constructed and the more I played with the components, the more interesting the combinations became. Eventually the piece evolved into its present skeletal form. Though the intention was not initially functional, it now serves as a rack for large-scale, rolled drawings.
Laser Cut Jewelry
The Cadet Knife Block - Expandable, vertical countertop knife storage that allows for use even under low cabinets.

Made from 2 CNC milled parts, held together with wooden dowels and snap-fit pins.
The Barbeque Cart - An elegant, outdoor cart, crafted in Dorset, Vermont from solid North American Cherry. The work surface is ample yet not so large that it will dominate the porch or deck. The cart can be relocated with ease using the two contrasting towel/utensil bars as handles and locked into place by setting the brake on the casters. Convenient storage shelf. Easy to assemble and disassemble. The cart stores flat when put away for the winter.

Earth Boards
Zize Bicycle Headbadge
Vermont Trains Commemorative Ornaments
Irwin Industrial Tools: Various Project Renderings
Japanese Pull Saw
Ideation & Sketching
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