»Thanks to her Croatian mother, Mimi Fiedler knows how to handle life, love and men (…) A book just like a cosy little chat with your best friend!«

For Mimi Fiedler’s book »Balkantherapie«, I developed the characters for Mimi, Marija and Guy, illustrated the cover for book and audiobook and drew numerous illustrated pages, fitness exercises, vignettes and several other elements.

Brauchstu ma keine Doktor, brauchstu nur diese Buch! – Die Balkantherapie für Liebe, Leib und Leben
Mimi Fiedler
208 Seiten | 13,5 x 21,0 cm | Broschur
14,99 € (D) | ISBN 978-3-86882-585-5

Graphic Design: Melanie Melzer
Editing/Art Direction: Julia Jochim
Client: MVG Verlag

Available in bookstores on Sep 7th, 2015!

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Iris Luckhaus
Freelance Illustrator + Designer (MoD) Wuppertal / Berlin, Germany